Digital Collage facilitator training sessions

You have participated in a workshop and wish to spread the word? Take part in one of our training sessions and become a facilitator! If you can, we recommend our in-person sessions :)

Before you register, make sure you:
- have participated in a Digital Collage workshop within the last 6 months
- have participated in a Climate Fresk workshop

These sessions aim at making you a good facilitator, not an expert on the environmental footprint of digital technologies. If you want to improve your knowledge on the subject, we strongly recommend you to follow The Mooc Environmental impacts of digital technologies.​

Ready to take training?

These public training sessions are primarily intended for people who wish to use the workshop on a voluntary basis. These training sessions last 3 hours. You will then be able to facilitate workshops in non-commercial settings under the BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence.

Your ticket is refundable only until 7 days before the training session. The participation fee is free with a minimum of €25 and goes to the "Digital Collage" organization.

Our upcoming international public training sessions: