The Digital Collage

A workshop to understand, as a team and in a fun way, the impact of digital technologies on the environment and how to reduce it.

Available in 8 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch and soon Italian and Chinese) either in-person or online!


Did you know that digital technologies emit more greenhouse gases than the world’s fleet of trucks?

* 3 to 4% of GHG emissions, source: ARCEP

Did you know that it takes 800kg of raw materials to manufacture a 2kg computer?

Source (FR): ADEME (p.6)

The tool and its added value

The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative half-day workshop with a similar educational method as the Climate Fresk. The workshop also aims to lay down the key solutions to build a more sustainable digital sector. It then encourages participants to discuss on the topic for fruitful debate. This workshop is a real team-building tool, allowing participants to come together and discover how to achieve sustainability in the digital sector.
It is primarily intended to be carried out in-person, but an online version is also available.

Version 2 of this workshop benefited from the expertise and contributions of EcoInfo CNRS.

How does a Digital Collage
Workshop unfold?

Icône compréhension

Part 1:

The participants, gathered in teams of 4 to 8 people per table, identify and draw links between the cards of the game to build a real “Collage”.

Participants discuss and place the cards
Icône créativité

2nd part:

Participants illustrate their interpretation, learn key messages, then choose a title. This phase helps to embrace the content and creates a team spirit.

A participant adds a small drawing on the Collage
Icône restitution

3rd part:
Debrief / Review

Each team presents their Collage, chosen title, key messages and decoration to the others and the facilitator provides feedback and a recap of the key messages.

The facilitator gives a full account of the information
Icône action

4th part:

The participants discover the action cards, and discuss amongst themselves the ones that are most relevant to retain.

Some of the proposed action cards

How to participate in a
Digital Collage Workshop?

The association organizes public workshops for individuals. If you can, we recommend you participate in-person rather than online :)

Public workshops

Within your company or public organization, you can organize an in-person or online workshop. Visit our dedicated page for companies to find out more:


The association also organizes workshops in universities and high schools for students, pupils and teachers, but focusing on France and not yet internationally so far.


Close to 100 000 people have already taken part in the workshop!

"The Digital Collage is an excellent awareness-raising tool. It made us understand the impacts of our digital usage on the environment, while setting out solutions to act on an individual and collective level."

Daphné G.

"I enjoyed the whole workshop a lot. It is an excellent way to learn and understand the causes of our digital habits and their consequences"

Jean-François B.

"To me, the main asset of the workshop was to think globally and find the connections between “digital” activities and their externalities. From my personal experience, these connections remain poorly perceived by users."

Vincent M.

The association "La Fresque du Numérique"
Who are we?

We are based in France and we are composed of 11 board members and close to 4.000 facilitators/volunteers. Our objective is to spread the knowledge of the environmental problems linked to the digital sector and the appropriate actions to deal with them.

We are putting in place tools and resources to help our facilitators become more competent on the subject and the educational methods. We organize workshops for the general public, educational institutions, professionals and public organizations. You can consult our statutes and internal rules (in French), or make a donation:

Articles of association (FR) Internal rules (FR) Make a donation
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Become a facilitator!

Close to 4.000 people have already been trained to facilitate the Digital Collage! These are the steps to become a volunteering Digital Collage facilitator (3 hours each):

  • 1. Digital Collage workshop (register here)
  • 2. Climate Fresk workshop (register here)
  • 3. Training session (register here)

If you wish to facilitate the workshop in a company or a public organization, there are more steps to take: The pro facilitator's path


Aurélien Déragne and Yvain Mouneu are the 2 co-authors of the "Fresque du Numérique" (Digital Collage), and this workshop is protected by copyright law. The co-authors have transferred the exploitation rights of this workshop to the association "La Fresque du Numérique" in order to allow a better diffusion, and thus to raise awareness among a maximum number of people. The use of the workshop must be done within the framework of the rules provided by the association.

Non-commercial use of the workshop

The Digital Collage is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0. This means that the tool can be used freely, provided that the work is credited, that no modifications are made and that the use is non-commercial. However, we strongly recommend that interested people take part in the training sessions organized by the association, before running workshops.

This license applies when the facilitators are volunteers, when participation is low cost or free, and when the workshop takes place in a private or associative setting, or in initial education (students and teachers, including during the teacher's working time). This excludes in-house use within a company or public organization (paid or unpaid).

Commercial use of the workshop

The association La Fresque du Numérique authorises a facilitator to use the workshop for professional purposes, on condition that the facilitator who carries out the workshop respects the prerequisites guaranteeing quality facilitations, that they have signed an agreement with the association, and that €10 (excl. VAT) of usage rights per professional participant is paid to the association to help finance its deployment. More details on the page “Companies and public organizations”.

This applies when the workshop takes place in a professional setting: companies and public organizations (local authorities, public agencies, etc.), whether paid or unpaid, and whether it is carried out externally or internally by a staff member. This also includes continuing education.

The authors of the Digital Collage

Aurélien Déragne

"As an engineer, I spent 20 years in the automotive industry.
In 2006, I created Centrale-Energies on the theme of energy transition and I met Cedric Ringenbach, the Climate Fresk's future creator.
In 2019, I left the company I was working for to become a web developer and a Climate Fresk facilitator."

Aurélien et Yvain

Yvain Mouneu

"Entrepreneur, trainer and former web developer, I am passionate about sustainability, transition issues, and the cross-disciplinary thinking that goes with it.
I have a master's degree from a business school and am constantly in continuous education, with 10 years of professional experience in a variety of fields and sectors."

Frequently asked questions

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• For all other requests, please visit our Frequently asked questions page and if you can't find your answer, write to us here:
Companies and public organizations: josephine[at]
Educational sector and associations: hugo[at]
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